Top 8 Interview Mistakes made by IT Professionals

Top 8 Interview Mistakes made by IT Professionals

An interview is how you stand out from the crowd. The job description may fit you perfectly and your resume may be phenomenal, but so are many of the other candidates vying to get the position you crave. Interviews give you the chance to put a personal spin on all the common features of the candidates the interviewer is looking for.

With such an important part of a job search you, the candidate, want to be in top form and minimize the mistakes you make during the interview that could cost you a job. So this list was made in order to lay out the top 8 most common mistakes made by IT professionals, and many other professions, during an interview.

1. Too Casual

Don’t be overly casual. By coming off too casual to an interviewer, through either appearance or speech, an IT professional could come off as disinterested and unprofessional.

2. Lack of Positivity

Be positive. A positive attitude is one of the top things an interviewer is looking for. No matter how much experience a person has, if they have a negative attitude it could cost them the job.

3. Failure to Close

Sometimes the little things count. Oftentimes IT professionals are stellar at selling themselves and their talents, but lack some of the more simple techniques, such as closing, used during an interview. It could be as simple as “what’s the next step in the process” or asking about the company, project or product and expressing interest.

4. Over-confidence/Arrogance

Be confident, but not conceited. IT professionals are, overall, a very talented and smart group of individuals. However, sometimes this can get into an individual’s head and they can come off as sounding arrogant during an interview.

5. Lack of Communication

Show off your skills to the best of your ability. Many organizations are crossing over from purely technical interviews to asking open-ended situational questions to their candidates. Candidates sometimes respond with very short and brief answers, so they don’t get the chance to sell their communication skills.

6. Focus on Salary and Benefits Only

Some topics are best saved for later. Candidates oftentimes jump the gun and ask about salary and benefits during an interview. This is understandable because people want to know what is in it for them, but save these questions for human resources, preferably after you receive a job offer.

7. Apathy

Knowing about a company can sometimes be as important as the company knowing about you. If a candidate fails to portray the knowledge they have about a company or ask questions about what they don’t know, then it can show a lack of interest or a lack of preparation.

8. Appearance

Dress to impress. Your appearance will be the first impression an interviewer gets of you. A candidate’s clothes can often put them out ahead of the pack or have them scrambling playing catch up.


Now that you know some of the most common mistakes candidates make during an interview you can work towards presenting yourself the best you can during your next interview and have an edge against your competition.



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