Facebook vs. Linkedn

Facebook vs. Linkedn

Many experts believed Facebook was going to eventually overtake and replace LinkedIn. However, Facebook and LinkedIn both made headlines with big stories in the news recently which could change that opinion.

Facebook recently fell far short of the expectations everyone had for it when it had its much-anticipated IPO. Also, Facebook is growing at a slower pace than first predicted. Conversely, LinkedIn recently announced a doubling of revenue, acquiring SlideShare, and just crossed the 100-million-user mark. LinkedIn has also been making an effort to “spice up” their layout, and now offer premium packages that makes the page more customizable; bringing all talk of “lack of innovation” and “bordering on empty” to a close.

However, these two powerhouses are now feeling some competition from newcomers, such as Pinterest and Google+, which are stepping up to play with the big boys. Both sites have had some interest from big names, and are being used by names such as Michael Kors, BMW and Fresh & Easy, for recruiting and employer branding.

So with the late entries and fluctuating stability of the heavy hitting social networking sites, the question is which site will reign supreme?

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