A Good Chronological Resume Should be Clear and Concise

A Good Chronological Resume Should be Clear and Concise
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If you are entertaining an opportunity or just keeping your options open at the executive, mid level or as an individual contributor, it is a good idea to customize your resume and the objective and/or summary to be clear and well focused.  It should be done to posture for specific positions to bring out your skills that relate to the specific job spec.  This means that you will need to indicate specific title, industry segment, sometimes both general and specific, as well as to be clear about the number of years experience related to your core disciplines.

From my experience reading thousands of resumes, I tend to look first at the chronological portion first, by glance/reading the most current 2-3 positions, checking for relevance to their specific opening and skills required, as well as the time spent at those companies. Then the objective/summary is glanced to validate/verify and I continue on further chronological and related experience.

You can always search LinkedIn, Google and other sources to view how other resumes are written.  Make sure the format is simple, clear, on point.  I usually still like the bulleted version as apposed to descriptive and lengthy paragraphs.

A good recruiter can always help fine tune and posture your document as they are usually aware of the assignments they are working on and can help you customize.  It is very important not to take any liberties in claiming you have certain skills.  When challenged during an interview and it comes out you are evasive, this will have a negative impact.

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